Utility Billing

Most clients, either being a Body Corporate or a utility retailer, have a different expectation of the end result. Whilst retailers are in the business of billing energy usage to residents, a Body Corporate may not. This is why we are more than happy to provide different levels of service with the meter reading and billing process.

These services may be one, or all of the following:
  • Providing raw data of current meter readings
  • Providing previous and current meter readings with the usage for that period calculated
  • Production of individual bills for each resident
  • Distribution of individual bills to each resident
  • Collection of bill payments and account management

    Alternatively, if a Body Corporate wishes to produce the individual utility bills themselves, we are able to install a meter reading and consumption calculator software package as well as a bill production package. The software package has the capability of automatically downloading daily meter readings and storing them in a database for access in the future, making initial and final readings for residents moving in or out easily manageable.
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    Integrated switchboard and Single Phase Electricity meter
    Multicom Systems has designed an integrated switchboard fitted with a single phase watt hour meter inside. This design has become popular with embedded networks (privately metered sites) as it allows the developer to be more flexible with meter location as meter cabinets, either individual or grouped, are not required.

    The savings, especially for broad acreage sites, can be significantly large. This is mainly due to a reduction in required cabling and no need for large group meter cabinets. The switchboard can be either a surface mount or recessed into a wall cavity and is quite often located in a unit’s garage. They are quite compact and comply with Australian Standards.
    Meter Supply Water, Gas and Electricity
    Multicom Systems often supply all types of utility meters that are used for both remote and manual reading. Most meters supplied have the ability to be connected to a remote metering system, ie. Pulse output, if required at a later date. All meters supplied comply with all of the relevant standards and are the same types used by most energy retailers and networks. We also offer a meter rental and maintenance service for embedded networks eliminating the cost of purchasing the meters and not needing to budget for their replacement in the future. Water Meter

    Energy Management Systems
    With Greenhouse and Carbon Emissions becoming an issue in today’s society, the next generation of the Multicom System can assist our clients in readily understanding their energy use during a specified timeframe.

    The system has the capability to log all energy usage throughout the building over a nominated period that is defined by our client’s requirements. In addition to this, there is the remote disconnect option, that allows the services to be “switched off” remotely. This is turn saves on Phantom-Energy being consumed and also provides a cost saving to our client’s.

    Data collected via Load Profiling can then be graphed and analyzed showing “time of use” and “amount consumed”. The client then has the ability to identify possible energy leaks and unnecessary consumption of energy.
    Water Usage Graph