MultiCom is a remote metering system used to read reading from various utlity meters such as Water,Gas,Electricity ...
It is based on a central unit (MultiCom) that communicates with multiple MIU's through a RS485 network.
A single MIU can be connected to 8 different meters.
Meter readings can then be read from the MultiCom via Serial link, Modem, GSM ... to a central computer
One MultiCom can work with up to 300 different meters.

Meter Interface Unit (MIU)
inputs from up to 8 units, simple to install and test, requires no special onsite setup.

Central Unit
To collect data from MIUs, the MultiCom system scales data according to meter type places data in table for instantaneous viewing on LCD display, or downloads via a modem to a central computer

Key Benefits
  • Uses existing meters of any type of manufacture
  • Is independent of meter suppliers
  • Is a smart distributed intelligence communication network
  • Meter reading on demand or by schedule
  • Single point access
  • Low cost, easy to install single twisted pair networks MIUs
  • Security
  • Stand alone meter operation and administration
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Flexible Size
  • Communicates with PC (special Win 95 software)
  • Interfaces billing systems such as Enterprise 5000, Premier Plus ...

Suitable Sites
  • Size
  • Early Planning
  • Multi story complexes
  • Up-market buildings
  • Residential Units with High Turnover
  • Location Constraints
  • Sub metering